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Our School
Our Statement of Belief

We believe that:

the dignity of each individual is upheld by encouraging respect for and acceptance of others;
a balanced academic program with an emphasis on attitudes and skills for lifelong learning encourages children to excel to the best of their ability;
a deliberate effort to help people understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values develops a positive, moral climate and helps establish safer schools that are more conducive to learning;
a sense of responsibility, as exemplified through appropriate and reasonable behaviour, must be nurtured;
a caring environment, where all students can experience success, fosters development of individuals’ self-esteem;
these ideals are best accomplished through fostering a dynamic, cooperative community.

We believe children learn best when parents/guardians:

are involved in their child’s education, ask about their progress and participate in parent/child/teacher conferences;
ensure that their child gets adequate sleep and a nourishing breakfast before a school day begins;
praise their child for their efforts, great or small, and encourage them to try new things;
provide their child with a space, supplies and assistance, if necessary, when doing their homework;
review tests and work done with their child.

We believe children learn best when:

they are attentive and willing to work hard;
they take some responsibility for their progress/set-backs and their learning.

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