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Our School
Y.E.S. - Yourself, Each Other and our School and Its Community

Respect for Self

Students are expected to attend classes and to be punctual.

  • Students are responsible for completing all class and homework assignments on time, to the best of their ability.
  • Students’ clothing should show respect for themselves and others. Clothing should be reasonably free of any symbols or slogans which may be offensive to any member of the school community. Hats will not be worn within the building. Students need to have backs, shoulders and midriffs covered.

Respect for Others

Students are expected to treat all people with courtesy, respect and honesty. Our school must be free of bullying, intimidation, harassment or any other forms of violence.     
  • Students’ language will show respect for staff, guests and other students. Examples of disrespectful language are: name calling, swearing, crude, rude or obscene language, spoken, written, implied, or gestured.
  • Students are not permitted to smoke or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol while on school property or on school activities.

Respect for the Environment

  • Students are expected to respect the property of the school and others.
  • Students are expected to participate in recycling, reducing, and reusing programs as well as other programs to keep our school beautiful.

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