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For Students
Code of Student Behaviour

Self respect is one of the strongest forms of discipline. Our Code of Student Behaviour has been developed around this central concept: RESPECT. Following the principle of YES: we shall endeavour to empower our students to respect themselves, to respect each other and to respect their environment. Taking time to THINK and learning ways to improve and develop self-regulation are important steps in making choices that have positive outcomes for all.
We share with parents/guardians the responsibility of guiding our students through the early stages of discipline, leading them to a mature, responsible stage of self-regulation. Our Code of Student Behaviour has been developed according to the guidelines in the “Safe Schools Protocol”. This school policy was prepared in consultation with the students, parents and staff of Bayridge Public School.

Consequences of Inappropriate Behaviour

In order that this code of student behaviour be realistic, effective and fair, consequences need to flexible enough to allow school staff the ability to consider the unique needs of the individual students and the circumstances of the offence. The following consequences are flexible and will support positive student behaviour and respect:

  • informal interview with student (usually with the classroom teacher)
  • formal interview with the student (administration)
  • detentions
  • parental involvement
  • community service
  • removal of privileges (field trips, school teams)
  • removal from class to another area of the school
  • restitution (paying for damages)
  • behavioural contracts
  • referral to L.D.S.B. educational support staff for counselling, assessment, behavioural support or I.P.R.C.
  • formal suspension

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