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Character Network
Character Education

The Bayridge Public School staff members have developed a school wide Character Education initiative, which includes promoting and celebrating one character attribute each month at our recognition assemblies.  Parents are encouraged to reinforce these messages at home.  These character traits are highlighted in classroom and school based activities during each month. The principle of YES has been adopted by our school. YES stands for  showing respect for Yourself, Each Other and your School and its community.

Speaking Up

It is crucial that children understand that when they see someone being mean, unfair, dishonest, or doing something dangerous, they speak up, and talk to the person or to someone else. Speaking up against bullying and other negative or hurtful things is good, but students must also speak up and stand up for kindness, honesty, fairness and respect.

Students must be encouraged to understand that how they treat others and themselves will make a difference.  We will all work together to assist them to make good choices.  We all have a responsibility to be part of the solution, and model positive values.

Communication of Information

Parents are a crucial link in the partnership between home and school. Your child is an individual and you can help the school staff understand your childs unique nature. Clear and open two-way communication between home and school will strengthen this bond and help your child be successful.
Staff members are committed to maintaining close contact with parents and caregivers. A school newsletter will be sent home each month that we are at school. It will include notices of upcoming events at the school and in the community as well as School Council news.
Students are expected to assist the school with ongoing communication with home. Notes, newsletters, report cards and other forms of communication are to be taken home promptly.
Parents are encouraged to develop a daily habit of reviewing their child(ren)s agenda for information relating to school activities, student progress, and for the answer to “What did you learn at school today?” and “What was the best thing about school today?”

How Parents Can Help
Model that learning is fun and a life long journey.
Talk to the teacher on a regular basis, not just at official reporting times. Ask about what is being taught in the classroom.
Help out when you are available.
Plan activities at home to support learning such as outings, trips to the library, visiting with family
Read with your child.
Participate in ‘Book Bag’ programs in the primary years, and continue to read with your child through the junior years.
Encourage your child to bring completed work home regularly. Review it with your child, and praise work well done. Offer assistance in challenging areas.

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